Celebration of the Wild: A recap and a special announcement
by on April 3, 2018

One month ago, today, we observed the one-year anniversary of the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On that day, we announced a month-long celebration, but now that celebration must come to an end. In the past month, we have published more than 50 new Breath of the Wild articles and guides and celebrated the announcement of a new Super Smash Bros. featuring Link from Breath of the Wild. That list doesn’t even include the other new merchandise announced and awards won.

So, to close out the celebration, I thought we should recap what happened this month.

New Guides

More than 40 new guides for Breath of the Wild were published this month! That’s far too many to list here individually, but you can find them all in our guides section.

Weekly Columns

Special Features

News Highlights

One more thing…

Would you believe me if I said we had hoped to do even more? And that was before we knew anything about the bombshell announcement of Super Smash Bros.

Like Nintendo, I have one more announcement. I had actually hoped to announce this earlier in the celebration, but getting everything just right took longer than originally planned. Just over one year ago, a few weeks before Breath of the Wild was released, we announced a new partnership with The Yetee and began selling a new series of Zelda Universe themed T-shirts. We had plans to launch new T-shirts throughout the year, but then Breath of the Wild was released, and, needless to say, exceeded our wildest expectations. Our attention immediately turned to Breath of the Wild, and, like so many of you, our team was absolutely lost in the game for hundreds of hours and spent even longer publishing new articles and guides related to the game.

It’s time to revisit our plans for some new Zelda-inspired T-shirts, so we thought, why not release a shirt as part of the celebration?

I hope you like Link. Better yet, I hope you like him shirtless because that’s the theme of our brand new Zelda-inspired T-shirt.

This is a preliminary image. There may be some small differences in the final design.

Our announcement is a little early, but the T-shirts should be on sale today, April 3, 2018. You can expect a separate announcement later in the day as well as a link to purchase the T-shirts. As before, they will be available exclusively from The Yetee.

Thank you for being a part of this celebration. The official celebration of Breath of the Wild ends today, but we celebrate The Legend of Zelda all year round! Year Two of Breath of the Wild has begun.



Joshua Lindquist
Joshua is the content director of Zelda Universe and long-time executive of Zelda Wiki who previously founded Zelda Relic. Wielding an undying passion for Zelda, he works behind-the-scenes to build collaboration in the Zelda community.