With Breath of the Wild’s anniversary comes a new piece of art to reflect on how far the multi-award winning game has come in its first year, and the further adventures that are no doubt on The Legend of Zelda’s horizon.

The official Japanese Zelda Twitter account first posted an older piece of art that was revealed a year ago upon Breath of the Wild’s release, showing Link with his trusty steed overlooking a vast but somewhat bleak landscape. The potential of adventure was clear in the art, making it one of the more impressive pieces to come out of the game’s marketing.

The account followed up the art a short time later with a new piece featuring Link and Princess Zelda in a sunlit field abloom with Silent Princess blossoms. Link’s stance is reminiscent of the prior art, albeit now with the Master Sword in-hand, while Zelda sits close by with her eager attention fixed on a distant point of interest. It could be a scene from Link’s and Zelda’s shared past, but I personally like to think it takes place post-Calamity Ganon, and the two have taken up their traveling around a Hyrule that is once more at peace.

Be sure to share with us your hopes for Link’s next big adventure, and join the Zelda Universe team in our Celebration of the Wild as we devote the entirety of March to this fantastic game.