The Yetee is my go-to shop for video game-themed apparel. Here at Zelda Universe, we are partnering with The Yetee to bring you Zelda Universe T-shirts. The shirts sport the ZU logo and come in a Triforce of colors: Zora blue, Kokiri green, and Goron red (or as I like to call it, Groose’s hair-red). And ladies, let me tell you, one of our fitted ZU tops with a white ruffled mini makes for a ultra cute outfit.

The Zelda Universe tees are priced at $20 and are available in both unisex and junior’s sizes. Every tee I’ve bought from The Yetee has been of excellent quality and they’re super soft, so I highly recommend them. Be sure to order your Zelda Universe shirt so you can represent your favorite Zelda website. Better yet, get all three so you can alternate them! Wear the red one while you’re working out to get those Goron-hard muscles, the blue one while you’re out and about, looking as gorgeous as a Zora, and the green one to bed so you can sleep like a Kokiri.



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