Breath of the Wild’s soundtrack is composed of so many calming tunes to match it’s aesthetically pleasing scenery. One of my favorites would be the riding music, whether by day or night. A wonderful new feature in this game is that a well-trained horse can follow a path naturally and you are free to immerse yourself in the environment while listening to the serene melody. While the piano track recorded for the game is lovely on its own when the piece is given an assortment of instruments it truly comes to life.

[Celebration of the Wild is a month-long celebration of the anniversary of this beloved game. All month long we will be picking our favorite songs, fan works, places, memories, and more of this wonderful addition to the Zelda series. Breath of the Wild has revolutionized the franchise all for the better and it’s only suiting we take this month to celebrate its achievements.]


Simon Hanna Music has brought a new light to this piece of music by assigning an array of strings, woodwinds, and brass to this once piano heavy song. Of course, the piano is still included throughout a majority of the piece, but the addition of other instruments brings a stronger whimsical sensation than just the piano could alone. The woodwinds companied with the music box make for a very mystical sound! Once you’ve reached the mid-point of the piece, the sweet melody of “Zelda’s Lullaby” begins to merge its way into the track. It starts as a soft string solo but is then accompanied by powerful brass and cymbals, creating a layer of mystery as they hit that last, eerie note.

I generally listen to this particular track when I’m driving. It’s peaceful nature and soothing orchestration always make me feel at peace. I could be yelling and screaming at the jerk who just cut me off, but once this song comes through the speaker a sudden sensation of serenity overcomes me like it never even happened. It’s even more enjoyable when I go on a scenic bike ride or walk, where I’m able to take in my surroundings, just like Link on horseback. This beautiful tune will transport you to a whole new world.