The Nintendo Switch’s sales have been incredible since its release earlier this year. Some claim that the great line-up of games at launch and the success of Breath of the Wild has led to the high sales figures. Others feel that the uniqueness of the home console/handheld hybrid has intrigued many consumers because it offers a different way to engage with the games on offer. Either way, the Switch has taken the gaming world by storm and cemented Nintendo’s place among the gaming heavyweights once more.

Nintendo has said before they’re aiming for Wii-like sales for the Switch. But Atul Goyal, a Jefferies Group analyst, has predicted that the Switch could bring “higher earnings than Wii-era” finances. Goyal believes this because the “Switch’s appeal to core-gamers (vs. Wii to casual gamers) is likely to drive higher attach-rate” with more dedicated gamers. Despite the marketing for the Switch, which has aimed at non-gamers, Goyal feels that Nintendo is “courting its core gamers with a very powerful game line-up in the year one of Switch’s launch”.

The “core-gamers” are more likely to continue to buy new games for the Switch and to engage with the platform on a more consistent basis. The Wii generated a huge amount of success for Nintendo, but didn’t maintain the fanbase of the more dedicated gamer. Goyal’s assessment suggests the great line up of games for the Switch will attract the dedicated gamers and allow the console to continue to grow.

Nintendo’s recent financial reports reveal that the Switch is already a huge hit for the company. If Goyal’s opinion turns out to be true then Nintendo could maintain these fantastic figures, or even improve on them. It seems to be down to how much anticipation the game line-up can create. Hopefully this upcoming E3 will build on this by revealing more exciting games for the Switch, or give more information on the upcoming headliners set to be released.

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Source CNBC