The mainstream trend that was Pokemon Go led to an incredible rise in Nintendo’s share price last summer. Since then, sadly the game has been forgotten by many (although it still does relatively well compared to other popular mobile games) and the Nintendo share value decreased due to this. But since the successful release of the Nintendo Switch, the share price has steadily grown for Nintendo. At the close of the market yesterday it was reported that Nintendo’s share value was higher than even the Pokemon Go boom.

Market traders at the Tokyo Stock Exchange saw the company’s shares valued at 31,180 yen each. Not only does this beat the Pokemon Go peak, but it is also the highest it has been in years. The graph below (courtesy of Bloomberg) reveals that the share value has been steadily increasing this month.

This steady increase looks even more positive when compared to the very short boom during the Pokemon Go boom, which can be seen below.

The Pokemon Go rise in share value was so brief that it is actually not included in more long-term graphs indicating the share value for Nintendo. The five-year graph below reveals how steadily the company’s value has been increasing since the release of the Switch and how much of an impact the new console has had.

The share value for Nintendo rising is a great measure for how people perceive the company and their confidence in the new games and consoles being released. Hopefully this year’s E3 will provide even more optimism around Nintendo and will lead to steady growth and consistency for their share value. There are also whispers of a new Zelda mobile game to be considered too, and perhaps that could create the same kind of peak that Pokemon Go caused. What are your predictions for the future of Nintendo’s share value?

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