Often referred to as Nintendo’s ‘unsung hero’, Yoshiaki Koizumi has been instrumental in many of Nintendo’s developments: including the Nintendo Switch. Recently, Game Informer conducted an interview with the Deputy General Manager of Entertainment Planning and Production. Koizumi shared the company’s vision for the Switch, focusing on what they wanted to achieve and why they did not build a console with the power of its competitors.

“For Nintendo, the axis of improvement for each new generation is the system concept.” While the competitors constantly strive for improved graphics and power, Nintendo looks towards change and initiative. Nintendo has always been a forward thinking company which develops new types of technology that allow players to engage with their favourite games in different and more social ways.

Koizumi goes on to explain how the portable aspect of the Nintendo Switch relates to their vision. “To make it possible to play a game system at home or on the go seamlessly, we had to take a different perspective and consider factors such as the battery usage of the ‘system on a chip.” It would be impossible, with current technology, to make a portable console with next-gen power and performance. Nintendo followed their vision by creating a truly unique console to revolutionize the way the player can engage with their home console.

Nintendo wanted to build on the social experience that can be created through gaming, which Koizuma explains led to the Switch being portable. “To adjust that to the world as it is today, we decided that an unfettered experience that can be enjoyed anywhere would ultimately maximize the number of people who can enjoy our games and be the most fun, and so we decided on this design.” Portability is a huge selling point for the Nintendo Switch. Not only can players now continue their gaming on the go, but now multiplayer is more accessible and readily available.

Designing a new home console capable of all this wasn’t a quick process. Koizuma reveals that “We are always thinking about new hardware, and we started working on this plan about three years ago.” Reading the reviews from various gaming outlets it seems that the three years of development were well worth it. Like many of Nintendo’s previous consoles, the Switch embodies everything special about the company. Whether the player is gaming alone or with others, Nintendo always offers a new and unique way to play.