Recent sales for the Nintendo Switch in the UK have been very strong. Martyn Gibbs and Mark Gifford, the CEO and CFO of GAME, respectively, recently discussed the success of the Switch in an interview conducted by GameIndustry. In this very insightful interview, both Gibbs and Gifford explain why they think GAME’s profits are down, but are both very positive about the reasons people have to be excited about the Switch.

“For me, it is worth the money just to get that [Zelda] experience in a large-screen mobile version.”

Martyn Gibbs believes that the main selling point for the Switch is that it can be used on the go. He acknowledges that the marketing has “been driven around the usability and exactly what the console is,” which he believes has been very intuitive and led to the great reception the console has received. The developers at Nintendo have worked hard to create a console which may not challenge Sony or Microsoft in terms of power or graphics, but offers something different and unique. Gibbs feels the “concept is very strong” and that this is one of the reasons the Switch has done so well.

Gibbs also believes that Breath of the Wild has played a big part in how well the Switch has sold, believing that “obviously having a launch game with a Metacritic of 97 is wholly helpful.” In Japan, it is believed that one reason for the recent high sales figures are down to the new addition in the Zelda franchise, especially with how well received the game has been. Gibbs also suggests that sales figures for the Switch are high because “we know what games are coming.” With games such as Splatoon 2, Mario Kart Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey announced, gamers have lots of reasons to get their hands on a Switch. Surely this can only continue with the announcement that Nintendo have “big plans” for this year’s E3. Let’s hope that the figures for GAME can again be boosted by the Nintendo Switch.


  • Issus

    Switch is not really worth it, yet. Well Zelda Botw was a decent game i will give it that. But a console seller? nah…

    Don´t get me wrong, i want a Switch. But the game for the console is not interesting enough for me to get one.

    • Pip

      Over a million and a half people disagree with you

      • Dusk

        he said he wants the Switch. but he’s clearly waiting for a more robust library before his purchase.

    • Thomas

      You clearly do not follow the new entries in their catalog. They are actually announcing new games every week and a great many of them are not garbage titles.

  • Black Sage

    I am one of those people who buy a Nintendo system to play Zelda… I did skip the dumpster fire that was the Wii U cuz I knew it was garbage from day 1. The switch however has rekindled my hope for Nintendo and I will be getting Switch just for BoTW (got me a Special Edition) and the next Zelda that will be specifically made for Switch. Everything else is icing on the cake. Smash is coming, New Mario games, New Fire Emblem, New Xenoblade. It’s looking good from where I’m standing.