It’s been just over two months now since our last Smash Bros. Direct, where we learned about new Belmonts, K. Rools, and stages. That’s not an insignificant amount of time, but the pace of this Smash Bros. is so much faster than the year or two we’re used to getting drip fed info. So I hope you’ve caught you’re breath, because Tomorrow (November 1) will be a brand new Direct focused solely on Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The only thing known is that this will be the final Smash Direct before the game’s launch on December 7. The presentation itself is roughly 40 minutes long, according to Nintendo, which puts it about 13 minutes longer than the last one. Considering what a rocket barrage of details came out of that… Well, let’s not get hopes too high up. But, this should be fun! If 40 minutes isn’t enough for you, there will be a Treehouse Live stream immediately after. It’ll feature not only Smash Bros. Ultimate, but the new Pokemon games, Yoshi’s Crafted World, and Diablo 3 for Switch.

Keep in mind that, unless something has changed since E3, this will be the reveal of the final roster. Think we’ll see any more Zelda stuff? A Hilda echo fighter? Linkle? A new stage? Find out with us tomorrow!