The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct held on August 8 presented fans with tons of new information to enjoy. Whether you were there to know more about Zelda songs featured in the game, new Assist Trophies or the ever-growing roster of fighters, Nintendo had it covered. That said, they purposefully left one detail hidden in the game menu.

Speculation ran wild about what this mode’s nature. While some theories were better than others, someone apparently hit the jackpot (sorry, Waluigi fans). Twitter user l’attardé decided that the blur would not stop them from unveiling this secret, and was able to find the word “Spirits” in the image, by examining the trailer frame by frame. They did the same with Japanese trailer and found the word スピリッツ, which translates to “Spirits” in English.

With no official information from Nintendo yet, it’s hard to say what the mode could be about. The majority of fans believe that this is going to be the Story Mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. One fact that sustains this theory is that we saw a certain character dying in the trailers and becoming a spirit.

Source Twitter