Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai hit us all with some impressive numbers during the Nintendo Direct today, including a whopping total of 103 stages. Astoundingly, there are also 900 tracks in the game, which add up to 28 hours of music if played continuously without loops.

This of course means that more Zelda music has found itself in the Smash series! First up, “Woodlands”, a track from the 3DS co-op title Tri Force Heroes, was listed. There are also two tracks from Breath of the Wild: “2017 Trailer” and “Main Theme”.

Many returning favorites from past installments also appear, including “Temple” and “Molgera”.

The “My Music” feature also returns, allowing you to select specific tracks for each stage. The narrator in the Direct explains, “Until now, each stage had its own set of music tracks. But this time, the tracks are organized by series instead. For example, as long as you’re playing on a stage based on The Legend of Zelda series, you can pick any of the tracks included from that series.”

You can watch the full music section below, starting at the 13:05 mark.

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