Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already living up to its moniker by boasting more characters, more music, more items and more features than any other Smash title to date. Naturally, the game also features the greatest number of stages, with more than 100 unique arenas available to show your friends who’s boss.

The “Stages” page was finally unveiled on Ultimate’s official website in conjunction with yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, featuring vibrant images of each stage. Scrolling down brings you to short clips of the optional Stage Hazards and the new Stage Morph feature, where you can choose two arenas that will randomly converge during your battle. It was also announced that all 103 total stages will be available at the very beginning, meaning you won’t have to spend time unlocking your favorites. Music tracks can also play from a stage’s entire series of games, rather than just a select few as it was in previous installments.

The Direct showcased returning stage favorites that hadn’t yet been mentioned, including Brinstar Depths and Pokémon Stadium from Melee, along with two brand new stages: Dracula’s Castle from the Castlevania series and New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey. Every single stage is also compatible with both Omega and Battlefield versions, bringing the total number of variations to more than 300. Masahiro Sakurai said it best in the Direct: “We must be crazy.”

Which stage are you looking forward to the most? The dark depths of Dracula’s Castle? Perhaps a classic like Hyrule Castle from the original Super Smash Bros.?