Gamers will always debate over which company ‘won’ E3 when it comes to an end. Nintendo showcased some of its heavy hitters, previewing some exciting footage from Super Mario Odyssey and even a teaser Metroid 4. The spotlight also revealed information for Breath of the Wild’s upcoming DLC The Master Trials and The Champions’ BalladIt seems that these announcements created a lot of excitement in Japan for the Switch as it is the only console to see a significant boost in sales after E3.

According to data from Media Create Sales, the Switch’s sales for this week increased to 27,291, up from 23,524 the previous week. This is a huge jump for the console, and certainly Nintendo will be very happy about this. They have stated before that they are eager for the Switch to reach the same sales figures as the Wii. In comparison, the Playstation 4 dropped from 15,854 to 14,595.

These figures reinforce the belief that Nintendo had a successful E3 and potentially even ‘won’. Despite a much shorter presentation, they were able to generate a lot of excitement for the Switch. No data has yet been revealed for North America or Europe, but Nintendo will surely be hoping for similar results. Reggie has also recently hinted that a Virtual Console will soon be coming to the Switch, and that could add even more hype to a very successful console.