The Nintendo Switch has been a highly successful console since its release. Some are even predicting that the Switch will achieve better sales figures than the Wii. Certainly Nintendo managed to create a lot of excitement around their console during their E3 Spotlight presentation. Despite this praise, Nintendo are aware that fans are hoping for more: specifically a Virtual Console for the Switch and an improved My Nintendo. Reggie Fils-Aime recently spoke about these demands and provided his insight into the topics.

The President of Nintendo America appreciates that fans “want access to all of our digital content”. Nintendo has a fantastic library of games, and Reggie recognizes that “there’s an appetite for all of our great legacy content.” Reggie explains that Nintendo aren’t debating whether to add a Virtual Console, but that they’re considering “what’s going to be the best way to make that happen”.

Reggie also reveals that My Nintendo is a “priority” for Nintendo and that they want to make it “much more meaningful”. However one of the problems is that it’s a very “diverse marketplace”, explaining that he has to create solutions that are “going to work for Canada” and “that are going to work for Latin America.” Reggie does want “unique physical goods as part of the program” but feels that is hard to achieve as it “needs to work for all of our consumers”.

It’s good to hear that Reggie knows the wants of the Nintendo customers. Nintendo does have an extensive back catalogue, and the addition of a Virtual Console for the Switch could be a huge deal-breaker for many. Plus additional and more meaningful incentives from My Nintendo would only add to the allure for the Switch and other Nintendo products. Hopefully Reggie and Nintendo find a way to make these changes while continuing to appeal to a wide fanbase.