Did you catch the Super Mario Odyssey trailer during today’s Nintendo Spotlight stream? It looked incredible! A Tyrannosaurus, a ghostly top hat and a mustachioed frog were among many of the fun and bizarre elements of the game, and I am beyond excited for Mario’s latest title. Oh, and that song is seriously catchy.

There was also another detail that caught my eye during the trailer, and it reminded me of a past adventure of a certain Hylian hero. At the 1:03 mark, you’ll see Mario in his 2D form running merged into the wall, much like Link and his Wall Merge mechanic in A Link Between Worlds.

Of course, with Odyssey being a platformer, there is even more potential here for this gameplay feature. Rather than being limited to moving left and right, we can see Mario jumping and avoiding Bullet Bills.

It’s great to see Nintendo expand on an already fun idea! Zelda cameos are no stranger in past Mario games, so perhaps we’ll even see Mario run into hieroglyphic Link at some point in his journey.