Nintendo Switch owners have a lot to be excited about. Super Mario Odyssey is looking fantastic and Metroid 4 was teased during the E3 spotlight. Plus Breath of the Wild is receiving two new DLC packs: The Master Trials and The Champions’ Ballad. Yet despite these announcements it seems that some Nintendo fans were unhappy that there wasn’t a Super Smash Bros. announced for the Switch. In an interview with Yahoo, J.C. Rodrigo from Nintendo Treehouse addressed these requests for a new Super Smash Bros. game.

Rodrigo’s simple reply to the fans was “I hear you loud and clear”. They “recognize that the Smash folks want something like that” for the Switch. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has been a very successful port for the Switch, and it seems almost certain from these comments that Nintendo is also considering a port for Super Smash Bros. 

Reggie Fils-Aime has recently stated that he wants the Switch to have all the best third-party games. But fans have also made it clear that they want one of the most successful first-party games to be added to the Switch. J.C Rodrigo’s comments will create a lot of excitement amongst these fans. It may not be long until Super Smash Bros” Link makes his way onto the Switch!

What added features would you want to see from a Super Smash Bros. port?

  • ???

    Hmm…added features huh, how about, they stop using the twilight princess Link, and start using a new type of Link, like, I don’t know, Breath of the Wild Link?

  • ラサロセルメニョ リカルド

    Link should have his Twilight, Skyward and Breath of the Wild tunics!

    • VictoriaHopeDenman

      that is so cool!

  • VictoriaHopeDenman


  • VictoriaHopeDenman


  • Ulises

    I don’t want a port, I want a new game…

  • Cynius

    New costumes (at least 1) for every character who got a new desing after Ssb4 release, like Link and Zelda from Hyrule Warriors or Botw, Ganondorf and Sheik from HW, Sonic with Sonic Boom clothes maybe (?), Mario and Bowser from Odissey, true shiny colours used on Pokémon games, Lucina wearing her mask maybe. Little things like that. Also I prefer a new game with lot of new characters (like for sure something from Splatoon and Arms, FE and Xenoblade too) But as Sakurai said when finishing the develop of the game, its hard to believe he will work on SSB so soon… So if we get SSB on Switch it will be for sure a port (hoping with a lot of new content, not just like Mario Kart that added some few things and dlcs were included…) if its a completly new game… it won’t be develop the same way… also if its not Sakurai we should be forgetting about third-parties like Cloud…