E3 has just come to an end, and many gamers are now discussing their favourite new games that were previewed over the last few days. Nintendo had a spectacular spotlight: more details were provided for Super Mario Odyssey and an unexpected teaser was shown for Metroid 4. There was also a trailer for the upcoming The Master Trials DLC, and even a preview for the second DLC pack: The Champions’ Ballad. Despite the fact that Nintendo wowed fans with their first-party titles, Reggie Fils-Aime wants more third-party games made available for the Switch.

“We want every high-quality game to have an opportunity to be played on Nintendo Switch.”

Nintendo has a mixed history with third-party titles, which Reggie admitted when he said “we think back to Wii U, that’s one of the things that we didn’t do as effectively.” Reggie’s comments indicate that despite a very successful E3 spotlight, the company are aware they need to bring more third-party titles to the Switch. Reggie emphasized the importance of “high-quality” third-party titles, games that will persuade more gamers to buy Nintendo’s newest console. He did believe that the current line-up of games “are going to keep our fans engaged”, but acknowledged the need to bring in more successful and appealing third-party titles.

The Switch has had a fantastic beginning to its life, but consistency is very important for the console. Nintendo hopes that the Switch can reach sales figures similar to the Wii, but Reggie is aware that Nintendo won’t be able to achieve that with mainly first-party titles. Many great games were unveiled during E3, so Nintendo certainly will have to continue working hard to ensure that other developers continue to be impressed with the Switch and what it has to offer.

Source IGN