Today, Nintendo’s Treehouse Live showcased some of the new features and trials you’ll face in Breath of the Wild’s first DLC pack, The Master Trials. During the segment, Treehouse members shared some details about the new armor and enemies scattered around this tougher Hyrule, followed by a look at a few rooms found in the Trial of the Sword.

Master Mode and Hero’s Path Mode

If you thought beginning the game in Normal Mode was tough, you might “cry and weep a lot at night” when you meet the buffer enemies that will greet you from the very start. Some of the changes include:

  • A Triforce symbol in the lower left corner is present throughout Master Mode, and loading screens are red.
  • Even if you’ve never played Breath of the Wild before, you can begin a new game in Master Mode (provided you’ve purchased the DLC beforehand).
  • “Almost all the enemies” have been tiered up.
  • Enemies will spot you faster and from greater distances.
  • New Octoroks, called Sky Octoroks, hold up wooden platforms that carry enemies and treasure chests.
  • A new tier of enemies — gold varieties — will replace once-silver varieties (including Lynels).
  • Hero’s Path Mode’s speed can be adjusted, and will include pre-DLC data (up to 200 hours).
  • Whenever it goes over a place where you died, a death sound effect can be heard.

New Armor

To help you in this more dangerous Hyrule, new armor sets have been scattered in various treasure chests, and we have some new details about how they’ll help you. Just remember not to sell them because they can’t be replaced without starting a new game!

  • Equipping the full Tingle armor will give you the Night Speed Up set bonus.
  • Midna’s Helmet will provide resistance against Guardians.
  • Each Phantom Armor piece grants an Attack Up boost, meaning equipping all three gives you a high level of attack.
  • Majora’s Mask will make it harder for “certain enemies to spot you”.
  • The Korok Mask shakes and makes the Koroks’ rattling sound when an undiscovered Korok is nearby.

Trial of the Sword

Of course, more than tough enemies await you in the first DLC pack. The pack also brings with it the Trial of the Sword. Treehouse Live delved into the gauntlet-like mode, offering some new tidbits along the way.

  • The trial is accessed by returning the Master Sword to its plinth and takes place in the “Sword Monk’s Shrine”.
  • Like Eventide Island, you’ll begin the Trial without weapons, items, or clothes; leaving only Runes at your disposal.
  • The forty-five rooms are divided into three “sets”: Beginning, Middle, and Final Trials.
  • The rooms scale up in difficulty and will feature a mixture of combat and puzzle elements.
  • All enemies must be defeated in a room before you can move on.
  • If you access the Trial while playing in Master Mode, the enemies in the trial will also be scaled up from Normal Mode.
  • Once each set is cleared, you can restart from the beginning of that set.
  • This isn’t advised unless you truly want to challenge yourself, because restarting the Trial at any set will leave Link with nothing to start.
  • A Game Over will restart you at the beginning of whatever set you were on, but weapons and items won’t carry over.
  • Crates and treasure chests containing items can be found in the rooms to aid you.
  • Successfully clearing all forty-five rooms will allow the Master Sword to perpetually remain at its powered-up, 60-damage state even when not used against Ganon or Malice-tainted enemies.

And finally, before the segment ended, Treehouse Live gave us a quick close-up look at the four Champion Amiibo that were announced yesterday. While they didn’t share any new information on the second DLC pack or how the Amiibo will work, they promised The Champion’s Ballad will have “a bit more story told” in regards to the four departed Champions.

What about these details has you most excited to delve into this DLC pack? Let us know what you’re looking forward to!

The Master Trials DLC pack will launch later this month on June 30, 2017. Check out the video below for the full segment.