One of my favourite parts of any Zelda game is exploring the villages and towns. Typically locations such as Hyrule Castle Town and Kakariko Village are both relaxing and fun places to wander around. They offer some relaxation after the various dungeons and provide a great way to interact with a dynamic cast of characters. Many fans enjoy these areas so much that they create these locations themselves, just like the Lego Impa house from Breath of the Wild. Kyleigh Parker, who is a figure photographer and collector, has recently posted some awesome pictures of Link shopping in a miniature handmade market.

Posted on the Facebook page Dangerous Pixels, the photos also capture some iconic items from previous Zelda games. For example, the advertising on this market stand displays some of the infamous items found in Link’s adventures.

There has also been great care taken in handcrafting some of the items available to sell. The Deku Scrub Mask and the Picto Box are both perfectly textured and add so much to the art design.

Great attention to detail has also been given to the Hero’s Shield which balances against the market stand. I also love the inclusion of the cats — it’s a detail which adds to the sense of realism presented in the photos.

It’s an awesome tribute to what is one of the most enjoyable parts of any Zelda game. Credit also has to be given to Steph Chow who has created the poster designs. There are more photos on Dangerous Pixels’ Facebook page (more Zelda ones too!) and you can support Captain Dangerous on Patreon to see even more and even receive prints and other rewards. Kyleigh Parker has stated that she aims to “bring the world of toys to life through my photos,” and she has definitely achieved that with this awesome miniature market.