The Zelda franchise has inspired many Lego lovers to build their favourite areas. One of the most impressive builds has been Hyrule Castle from Twilight Princess, and a Breath of the Wild set was even proposed to the company earlier this year.

Instagram user Jonaskramm, who describes themselves as a “Lego-obsessed design student”, has obviously got tired of waiting for an official Breath of the Wild set and has started building their own design. Recently Jonaskramm has been documenting the progress on Instagram of their next build: Impa’s house.

Jonaskramm begun with the iconic stairs and entrance to the house.

They next started on the actual house and posted a picture of the interior.

Next, Jonaskramm worked on the exterior walls. Jonas posted on Instagram that a challenge they faced was to “make it openable”.

Jonaskramm is making great progress towards completing the project, and posted a picture of the exterior walls near completion. The roof in particular looks spectacular and really stands out.

Impa’s house looks like a really challenging build, but Jonaskramm is doing a fantastic job. Already the build looks incredible, and certainly we are all very excited to see the finished product posted on Jonaskramm’s Instagram. Stay tuned to Zelda Universe to see the progress of this awesome build! (And he does mean awesome. -Ed)

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