Ever since the Switch’s release on March 3, the console has been selling non-stop. In some places, Nintendo’s newest console has even been selling out, with unprecedented sales figures for the Switch. This has also led to huge sales figures for Breath of the Wild, especially in the UK.

The Switch had been sold out in the UK and been very difficult to find. However, in the last week there have been new units available again. This has led to a 50% boost for Breath of the Wild sales too. The latest Zelda entry is currently the flagship game for the console, with most buyers of the console also getting Breath of the Wild. 

It’s hard to image what the Switch’s release would have been like without Breath of the Wild. Many previous Zelda games have defined the success of a Nintendo console, and maybe the Switch will be no different. Although the announcement that Nintendo predicts a “big E3” this year suggests that Breath of the Wild may soon be facing some new competition soon.