June 13 marks the beginning of this year’s highly anticipated E3 event. Many predict this year’s conference will be huge for Nintendo, with many new games to be announced and previewed. Reggie has recently claimed that this year will be a “big E3” for Nintendo, where they will be “showcasing a variety of games”.

The possibilities for Nintendo this year seem endless. Of course everyone is expecting more information on Mario’s latest odyssey. Plus there will likely be more footage or information released for both Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However many of the company’s leading stars (like Metroid or Star Fox) have yet to be announced for the Switch. This year’s E3, after the highly successful release of the Switch (where the console has even been selling out  at some locations) could well take the excitement for the Switch to an even higher level. Nintendo still has many aces up its sleeve to play, some of which could be announced at this year’s Expo.

However, it could even be the case that Nintendo’s top stars are overshadowed by third party support announcements. Ubisoft seem to already be making plans for the Switch, which could indicate that many more developers will follow their suit. There could be no better time to make this announcement than at this year’s E3, especially so soon after the highly successful release for the Nintendo Switch.

Reggie explained that “innovation and creativity” are at the core of Nintendo’s beliefs, which should be enough to excite any Nintendo fan. Just like how Breath of the Wild stole the show last year, Nintendo may be the highlight of this year’s event too. June 13 cannot come fast enough!