We’ve seen plenty of familiar faces appear in Breath of the Wild so far, including the Koroks, the Great Deku Tree, Wolf Link and maybe — just maybe —the eccentric shopkeeper, Beedle. It seems the Zelda reunion is only growing livelier, as now we’ve learned that a certain long-faced companion will be making her triumphant return.

In an interview with IGN Portugal, series producer Eiji Aonuma has now confirmed that Link’s trusty mare Epona will be making an appearance in the game. However, he chose not to reveal any details on Epona’s appearance or where to find her, so this confirmation is all we have to go by for now.

We do know that you can find various horses in the wild and tame them, and that each one has its own set of stats determining strength, speed, stamina, temperament, and bond. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see if Epona is treated as a top ranking steed among the other horses, hidden away almost like an Easter egg, or if she will play a major part in the storyline and bestow her aid to Link when the time is right.