The Legend of Zelda Facebook page continued its weekly Breath of the Wild screenshot updates this past Wednesday with a look at a unique location: a horse-inspired structure that bears a striking resemblance to one seen in the Game Awards trailer.

breath of the wild horse building beedle

At first glance, the screenshot doesn’t show much more than what we’ve already seen or scrutinized from the trailer. There are some painted horses, a tent that reminds one of Skyward Sword’s bazaar, a towering horse effigy, and — wait a moment.

Could it be?

beedle close up

It certainly could be!

From the horned beetle backpack, to the unmistakable moptop, and even the hint of a white bug on the blue shorts, all evidence seems to suggest this NPC is none other than Beedle. The merchant is a familiar one to any fan of The Legend of ZeldaHe’s appeared in five games thus far, and this could very well be his sixth.

Still not convinced? Check out GameXplain’s analysis of the screenshot and judge for yourself.

  • Will

    Beedle has only appeared in the Unified Timeline and the Adult Timeline. His appearance would lend support to the theory of Breath of the Wild taking place thousands of years after Spirit Tracks, the Great Sea having finally receded. Granted, the Temple of Time is problematic unless it wasn’t torn down and that timeline’s Hyrule Castle was just built around it.

    • Sir Wesley

      Let’s just go ahead and assume that the Unified “Timeline” isn’t complete bullshit that Nintendo came up with to get fans to stop fussing. With Nintendo’s track record of keeping consistent NPCs in the storyline, it’s probably not Beetle. In fact it’s probably not any NPC we’ve seen thus far. If I would have to guess by his bag, I’d say it’s someone closer to the Happy Mask Salesman. (As a foot note; the Unified “Timeline” is total garbage and by definition isn’t a timeline at all.)

      • Will

        Are you saying that Skyward Sword, Minish Cap, Four Swords, and Ocarina of Time are bullshit? Because that’s the Unified Timeline, just those 4 games (so far).

        The only areas where Beedle has appeared are that and the Adult Timeline. The only areas where the Happy Mask Salesman has appeared are the Unified Timeline and the Child Timeline.

        If it were the Happy Mask Salesman as you suggest, that would support this Breath of the Wild being in the Child Timeline.