Ducks, and deer, and horses, oh my! Wild animals roam Hyrule like never before in Breath of the Wild. 

Breath of The Wild: Deer

In previous Zelda games, wildlife such as birds, fish, and insects would appear with various levels of interaction with the player. However, true to its title, Breath of the Wild is a wilderness. Hunting appears to be a major mechanic of the game, and most of these animals seem to be prey. New types of edible plants are also available, and you can cook all these delicious things up to regain health and stamina.

Breath of the Wild: Boar shot

Horse wrangling also makes an appearance, adding the ability to choose the coat color of your horse.

Breath of The Wild: Horse Wrangling

Check out these new animals and more in the Breath of the Wild tralier!


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