Eiji Aonuma
Aonuma: Breath of the Wild staff were left “speechless” by fans’ physics exploits
By on May 17th, 2017 4
During my playthrough of Breath of the Wild there have been several Shrine puzzles -- not to mention a Divine Beast or two -- that I've worked my way through using what I felt...
Breath of the Wild developers share hopes of what players will see and do in the game
By on March 29th, 2017 0
Ever since March 3, many of us have been glued to Breath of the Wild. The latest Zelda release has been incredibly well received, which can be seen through the sales figures...
The Making of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets a bonus question session
By on March 28th, 2017 0
If you haven't yet seen the informative and intriguing videos detailing the making process of Breath of the Wild featuring the creative staff of the game, then you have been...
‘Making of’ part three: Breath of the Wild almost had a Minish-like race of tiny people
By on March 15th, 2017 0
To wrap up Nintendo's 'making of' series for Breath of the Wild, the third and final video explores the story and characters in the game. Expect to see a ton of really...
Making of Breath of the Wild part two discusses “open-air”, scale and sound design
By on March 15th, 2017 0
Continuing the recently uploaded 'making of' series on Breath of the Wild, the development team discuss various aspects of the game, reinforcing just how ambitious a project the...
Nintendo introduces The Making of Breath of the Wild series
By on March 15th, 2017 2
I think it's fair to say, as we all continue to the lose ourselves in the wondrous lands of Breath of the Wild, we've all posed the question -- the one that pops up more often...
Aonuma discusses the importance of the old man in Breath of the Wild
By on February 28th, 2017 3
Ever since we first laid eyes on the old man in Breath of the Wild, there has been speculation as to his importance and whether or not he is in fact a returning character from...
Eiji Aonuma discusses his top three Zelda games and the one which he believes is most underrated
By on February 25th, 2017 4
If a tree falls in the middle of a forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? What is the sound of one hand clapping? Which Zelda game is the best? All three are deep...
Aonuma: Gap between fan feedback and strategy, but he does listen
By on February 20th, 2017 0
As Zelda fans, we all have our favourite items, characters, and features of the franchise that we hope to see more of when a new iteration comes along. Similarly there's stuff...
Nintendo announces Breath of the Wild DLC– the first of its kind for a mainline Zelda game
By on February 14th, 2017 3
The prospect of DLC coming to Breath of the Wild has been a topic of discussion for almost as long as we've known the rough size of the game's overworld. All of that space would...
Aonuma: Breath of the Wild development, changing traditions, making dying fun
By on February 13th, 2017 0
Breath of the Wild will represent a big change for the Zelda franchise as it moves away from an established formula to return to its roots of exploration. Long-time...
Miyamoto and Aonuma talk about Link’s character and exploration in Breath of the Wild
By on February 11th, 2017 0
YouTuber ZackScottGames had the chance to interview Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in New York recently. They spent...
Aonuma teases a new “element” to enhance Breath of the Wild’s storyline
By on February 8th, 2017 3
In a more mysterious snippet from Eiji Aonuma's recent Game Informer interview, the Zelda series producer teases a new "element" introduced in Breath of the Wild that has been...
Zelda has “a lot of emotions and expressions” in Breath of the Wild
By on February 8th, 2017 0
After confirming Breath of the Wild's timeline placement in the recent Game Informer interview, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma goes on to discuss Zelda and her range of emotions in...
No HD Rumble in Breath of the Wild, though Aonuma was interested
By on January 25th, 2017 0
HD Rumble is a very unique and interesting feature of the Nintendo Switch, allowing players to feel a rumbling sensation in the Joy-Con controllers which is far more advanced than...