It looks like those lovable tree folk from Wind Waker‘s Forest Haven are making a welcome return! During the first demo playthrough on the Treehouse livestream, Link runs into a Korok on his adventure across the huge field.

The little guy is found in a lake, and seems very pleased that Link can see it. This suggests that the Koroks, much like in Wind Waker, are very much kept to themselves and have little interaction with humans or other races.

It looks very similar to the Koroks’ appearance in Wind Waker, especially with Breath of the Wild‘s cel-shaded visuals. Looking good!

This opens up the possibility of the Deku Tree making an appearance in the game. With the Korok’s appearance, we can also confirm that this game takes place in the adult timeline, though it’s currently hard to say exactly where. Is this before Wind Waker, before the Koroks find their home in Forest Haven, or after, with them getting lost in the wilderness during their tree-planting ceremony?

  • Guest

    That looks exactly like Elma from TWW

    • Reece Heather

      Good catch!

    • H enryuuki

      Yes, and we have also seen koroks that look like Olivio and Aldo

      Olivio is the one that appears on top of the woodcutters shack and Aldo appears when you climb to the very top of the temple of time’s tower

  • Bolero of Fire

    Just because the Kooks in the game, doesn’t mean it’s on the adult timeline. The Kokiri could have evolved on the other timelines too.

    • Dan0709

      good point, but then this game has to take place at the end of those timelines, since during those timelines we haven’t seen a single korok at all…but yeah, it’s possible

      • H enryuuki

        Or we simply never saw the koroks in those other timelines cause they kept to themselves.

  • Well the purpose of the tree planting ceremony was to bring the lands together. If the Zelda team sticks to what has been previously established (which isn’t a good way to drive a story so..) then since there isn’t really room to stick the game in before Wind Waker being that it is 100 years after OoT then it would be sometime after Spirit Tracks.

    • 8man

      I’m pretty sure was 1000 years after OoT…

      • It’s 100. 1000 would make more sense to me but that’s not what they said.

  • Michael Cortorreal

    I thought the game would be on the fallen timeline, I even considered that Koroks, just like other races can appear in multiple timelines (come on now, Zoras being a major example).

    But then I read the description of the blue shirt is wearing, the description said something like: “A garb worn by a ancient hero” or “A garb resbling those used by an ancient hero…could these have been worn by himself!?”
    So that single piece of information throwed me around…now I am at a loss, but that’s part of the fun of being a Zelda fan, theories and speculation flying around, super fun.

    Anyways, I am more curious as to know more about the Sheikah, hopefully there will be a lot more information on them in this game and hopefully…there is a full tribe this time around.

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