It looks like those lovable tree folk from Wind Waker‘s Forest Haven are making a welcome return! During the first demo playthrough on the Treehouse livestream, Link runs into a Korok on his adventure across the huge field.

The little guy is found in a lake, and seems very pleased that Link can see it. This suggests that the Koroks, much like in Wind Waker, are very much kept to themselves and have little interaction with humans or other races.

It looks very similar to the Koroks’ appearance in Wind Waker, especially with Breath of the Wild‘s cel-shaded visuals. Looking good!

This opens up the possibility of the Deku Tree making an appearance in the game. With the Korok’s appearance, we can also confirm that this game takes place in the adult timeline, though it’s currently hard to say exactly where. Is this before Wind Waker, before the Koroks find their home in Forest Haven, or after, with them getting lost in the wilderness during their tree-planting ceremony?