The newest trailer for Breath of the Wild had us all jumping and screaming of joy (I know it wasn’t just me), and now that the excitement has subdued somewhat, we have begun dissecting the trailer, looking for new secrets revealed on it.

The first of these is the appearance on the Great Deku Tree, which appears for only one second in the trailer, at the 2:10 mark. We don’t actually get a full glimpse of him, but we see his lips moving, probably telling Link important things.

Shortly after the appearance of the Deku Tree, a voice begins talking about what happened “100 years ago.” What could this mean? Let your imaginations run wild.

Check out the Deku Tree’s appearance for yourself! Let us know what you think!

  • veeronic

    It means this is the defeat timeline Link who apparently survived… he doesn’t exist in the future timeline and became the hero’s shade in the past timeline, there is no other possibility.

    • Luiz Henrique Franco

      But this is not before Ocarina of Time?

      • veeronic

        what I said?

    • Devin Lowe

      Are you referring specifically to OoT Link (“Hero of Time”) or to ALttP Link (“Hero of Legend”)?

      • veeronic

        OoT Link, I kinda have a theory involving Dark Link…
        Last we saw of ALttP Link was in the middle of the ocean after LA.

        • Devin Lowe

          Yes, but as for ALttP Link, his ocean odyssey back to Hyrule is an easy explanation for why he could wake up again in that chamber more than a few hundred years later (if we count the passage of time from ALttP all the way to Zelda II).

          He is the “light” that is needed to shine upon Hyrule “once again”. Then there’s the fact that the “Old Man” mentions that Hyrule is in “a state of decline” (cue the Era of Decline).

          Not to mention that this Link in BotW doesn’t even look like the Hero of Time. He’s clearly more resemblant of the Hero of Legend.

          • veeronic

            Honestly I would prefer ALttP Link but… he never met the Deku Tree, can’t get around that. Furthermore he wakes up in “The Shrine of Resurrection”
            Likely it’s the imprisoning war but I suppose it could be the era of decline which was my initial assumption… Ganon having “endured over the ages” does support this…

          • Devin Lowe

            Actually, we can get around that. There’s also no indication that he didn’t meet a Deku Tree during his time (and we don’t know if or when he makes it back to Hyrule after Link’s Awakening).

            It’s definitely the Era of Decline, considering that the “Old Man” in a previous trailer literally states the Hyrule is currently “in a state of decline”.

          • veeronic

            That is pure speculation I’m working with what we know.
            We know OoT Link meet the deku tree and we also know that there is a version of them who would need reviving.
            Continuing a story based on events that may or may not have happened makes for extremely illogical writing. And a century long war to seal Ganon away would certainly qualify as an era of decline.

          • Devin Lowe

            “Working with what we know” is the same thing as speculation. We don’t have firm evidence of a specific thing, but we DO have everything else that happened. You and I both are using what we know to infer how this could be the case for ALttP Link being the one in Breath of the Wild.

            OoT Link is 100% NOT going to be the Link revived for this game, because he failed in the Fallen Hero Timeline. There are other Links in this timeline both more experienced than him and actually resemble the Link of BotW more closely than him, not to mention actually succeeding at thwarting the threats they faced.

            Meanwhile, the Deku Tree itself is a constantly reborn being throughout the ages in a similar manner to Link and Zelda themselves. As revealed in OoT, the Deku Sprout met after completing the Forest Temple is the literal clone of the Great Deku Tree, containing all of his memories. So is the Deku Tree encountered in Wind Waker (Adult Timeline), evident in that he instantly recognizes the Link of that time (even despite the fact that WW Link is not-at-all related to the Hero of Time by blood).
            Therefore, even if ALttP Link didn’t encounter a Deku Tree at any point during his adventure, that’s not going to matter. The Deku Tree that he encounters in Breath of the Wild is going to recognize him, because past Deku Trees have met the Hero before.

            The Imprisoning War didn’t result in Hyrule’s decline. The Sages and knights of Hyrule prevailed against Ganon’s forces and sealed him in the Sacred Realm. Hyrule continued in peace-time until the events of ALttP.

            THE Era of Decline starts immediately following the brief “Golden Era of Peace”, which itself starts after Yuga’s defeat; the end of ‘A Link Between Worlds’. A Link Between Worlds is itself set several centuries after ALttP, the Oracle games, and Link’s Awakening.
            The reigning King of Hyrule in the final years of this “Golden Era” failed to find a worthy successor to the Triforce, and that’s when Ganon reappeared, plunging the entire Kingdom of Hyrule into a state of discord and decline.

            Now, in Breath of the Wild, we have Hyrule still in a state of decline. In the most recent trailer, a hear a voice stating that he thinks Link is ready to hear about “what happened 100 years ago”.

            This is honestly most-likely going to be set 100 years after the end of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, explaining to us why Hyrule is STILL declining even after the events of that game.

          • Devin Lowe

            Well, this is unfortunate. I have to wait for moderators on this site to approve of my reply to this before discussion can truly continue.

            Granted, this reply is quite long, and I somehow managed to accidentally triple-post it. It’s been 2 days, and it still hasn’t been approved.

          • veeronic


            well I was thinking more on the possibility of it being oot Link in the era of decline but then I realized that wouldn’t work because every Link shares the same soul and there had already been 2 Links before the era of decline, which also means it can’t be alttp Link revived in the era of decline because of albw Link

  • Wesley Boyer

    This has to be in the child era timeline after zelda sent him back in time. I read something else where they translated the map that comes with the limited edition and it mentions 4 legendary beasts from the 4 corners of the land coming in to a battle. That could mean the 4 from majoras mask or the 4 from twilight princess.

  • Devin Lowe

    Thankfully, the Adult Timeline has been completely ruled out. This isn’t the NEW “Hyrule”, and it’s specifically stated in Wind Waker’s intro that the “Hero” never appeared before Hyrule was flooded. (I don’t know why some people aren’t getting this)

    This definitely can’t be the Child Timeline either. The Link in this game bears too much of a resemblance to the Link of ALttP/Oracle games/Link’s Awakening, the Link from ALBW, and even the Link from the first two games.

    Fallen Hero Timeline it is. Honestly, the Link of BotW looks most like the one from ALttP and the early Gameboy games.

    I’m totally on board with the current theory that he IS in-fact the same Link who started his adventures in ALttP. He is telepathically contacted by Zelda, and asked to wake up once again. He’s done this before, and is ready to save Hyrule from its plight on another grand adventure.

    As for this game’s exact placement in the Fallen Hero Timeline? I would not be surprised if this was set more than 100 years after the conclusion of Adventure of Link (currently the last game to chronologically occur in the Fallen Hero Timeline).
    One thing is for sure, though. It can NOT be set between ALBW and the first Legend of Zelda. Why? Because ALBW’s ending (Yuga’s defeat) is confirmed to lead straight into the brief “Golden Era of Peace” that occurs before the first game.

  • DallinR

    Now you have to remember that the great deku tree died and a sapling made it and it takes along time for a tree to grow. Also in wind waker the koroks took seeds from the great deku tree to make more great deku trees witch also take time for it to grow.