Earlier this month, we were treated to Act One of Hyrule Warriors: The Moviea fan film directed by Zelda Universe’s media editor, Alex Trevino. The film is made up of cutscenes from the Hyrule Warriors game combined with complete voice acting.

While Act One setup the the story, Act Two is pure action. Cia holds the Triforce of Power, the Gate of Souls is open, and chaos reigns over multiple generations of Hyrule. As Link works to put an end to Cia’s destruction, he meets up with characters from previous Zelda titles: Ocarina of Time’s Princess Ruto (Heidi Tabing), Darunia (David Adam) and Navi (Alice Weyant); Agitha (Nicki Jensen), Midna (FakeTsuki) and Zant (Allon Keller) from Twilight Princess; plus Fi (Laura Namkoong) and Ghirahim (Michael Potok) of Skyward Sword.

Trevino and the cast have done a marvelous job bringing the events of Hyrule Warriors to life. Now when I play the game, the cutscenes just don’t seem complete without hearing those talented actors voice the characters. I can’t wait to see the finale!