Yesterday we saw an explosion of new information regarding the upcoming Wii U spin-off Hyrule Warriors, thanks to the committed users on NeoGAF. User StreetsAhead has provided more translations for us, this time of the character profiles from the Famitsu coverage.


hyrule warriors full

  • Link is an experienced soldier in Hyrule’s Royal Army.
  • He has the Triforce of Courage hidden within him.
  • He can “speak to fairies” (no details beyond that, but presumably this is meant in a similar way to how the Hero of Time communicates with Navi; letting the fairies do the actual talking).
  • His combat style relies on footwork to confuse his enemies. He can use various weapons, but a “speed-type” sword is his main weapon.



  • Impa is the commanding officer of the Hyrule Imperial Guard.
  • She is Princess Zelda’s attendant and vassal.
  • She is selfless, and works exhaustively for the Princess and the royal family.
  • She is a master of the blade, dealing out damage with precision and in feverish succession.

Shia, The Black Witch


  • Her good soul was replaced by “dark forces” (Ganondorf?), turning her into an evil witch.
  • Her personality is provocative and aggressive, clearly stating her desires.
  • She wishes to make the world hers.
  • She also wishes to make Link hers. It is speculated that this is meant in a romantic sense, as she supposedly has a crush on him and is jealous of his relationship with Princess Zelda — however, this doesn’t seem to be confirmed as actual translation yet.

Wizro, The Dark Sorcerer


  • This is the mysterious minion we saw yesterday, now named as Wizro.
  • Before being reborn by Shia’s dark magic, Wizro was a ring that increased its own power over centuries by absorbing the powers of those who wore it.
  • Wizro has pledged allegience to Shia, though is drawn to following those with power.
  • Wizro attacks with magic pulses in a similar way to bullets, and can summon magic from above.

Valga, The Incandescent Evil Warrior


  • A close associate of Shia’s, he traded his good soul for incredible strength with her.
  • Unlike Wizro, he will face Link head-on, and is confident of his ability to win.
  • He actively seeks out strong opponents.
  • His lance is similar to a dragon’s claw. He releases a bellowing war cry before dealing heavy blows.