Fans of all ages gathered at the Nintendo World store in New York to celebrate the launch of Super Mario 3D World, Mario Party: Island Tour and of course A Link Between Worlds. The folks at Nintendo World went all out with decorations and incredible artwork, including chalk art by Chris Carlson. Party goers donned costumes, ready to play the new games.  Pictures from the event are after the jump!

The crowd waited outside in the cold to gain entrance to the party. Upon entry, guests were greeted with fabulous decorations, Nintendo merchandise (I’m adding that Hylian shield to my Christmas list!) and plenty of gameplay. There was no shortage of artwork at the party. It looks like the paintings were done by Yuga himself!

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 7.42.29 PM


nintendo world party

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nintendo world party


nintendo launch

nintendo party




Source: caiserzero [1], GoNintendo [2]
Via: reddit