With A Link Between Worlds being released soon, Spike TV spoke to Eiji Aonuma about a handful of fun and interesting topics, including details about how renting items relates to gameplay, and whether or not Ravio’s character was based off of Nabbit from the Mario series. As always, if you’re trying to avoid all gameplay spoilers, then stop reading here.

As we know, one of the recent ALBW announcements pertained to the player’s ability to rent objects in the game, and use them as they want. Players can also progress through the game however they choose. However, Aonuma was asked the question we all have been wondering: is there a right way to play through the game and acquire items?

“(Laughs) I mean, I think in a sense there are. Most of the items are available right at the start of the game, to be able to rent, or buy them as well. There are certain things in dungeons that you could say would be better to pick up sooner rather than later, because it will make you stronger, and less likely to be defeated by enemies. In that sense, there are things that would be better to get in a certain order, and to get sooner rather than later, but other than that, no.”

He was asked: Are the items available to be rented or purchased in the shop also available in the dungeons?

 “They aren’t in the dungeons, just all in the shop.”

For all you hardcore gamers, here’s an interesting answer! Aonuma was asked: Is it possible to play through the game without renting or buying any items?

“Yeah, it wouldn’t work. It would be very hard. (Laughs) If someone was able to do that it would be kind of weird.”

Ravio, the big purple rabbit, has been revealed as the shopkeeper in the game. Aonuma was asked if he is just the shopkeeper, or if he plays a bigger role in the game.

 “(Laughs) I hope you’ll enjoy finding out for yourself in the game.”

Mr. Iwata pointed out in a recent Nintendo Direct that there were comparisons to Nabbit (a purple rabbit who first appeared in New Super Mario Brothers U) right after Aonuma posted this screenshot to Miiverse. Aonuma was asked if this comparison surprised him, or if he was expecting that feedback.

“Actually, I wasn’t really aware of that Mario character, Nabbit, which is maybe kind of funny for me to say, but you know, I’m very busy. Obviously, we weren’t thinking of Nabbit when we made that character, but when we put the picture up on Miiverse people started making that comparison, and they had that reaction, and I realized that people are always kind of looking for those sorts of connections. I thought it was really interesting, so I brought it up with Mr. Iwata., and I said, ‘Maybe other people haven’t thought of this, but it’s kind of interesting, so maybe you could put it in the Direct.’ I think the really interesting thing about Miiverse is that I’ll take something and throw it out there, and you don’t know what the reactions are going to be, and they always turn into something you’re not expecting. I think that’s really, really fun, and really, really great.”

He was asked if that has ever happened to him before on Miiverse.

 “I think one thing that surprises me is how many encouraging messages I get when I just post something simple. Like, just at E3, I posted that I was really feeling the jet lag, and people were like, ‘oh, no that’s too bad,’ and gave me lots of pat on the back type messages. It made me realize that Zelda fans are just really, really nice. I didn’t realize they were such great people. When I’m at my job, and working on producing The Legend of Zelda titles, and Mr. Miyamoto is getting mad at me and stuff, then I get these encouraging messages it’s almost enough to make you cry, so it’s just really great.”

Finally, Aonuma was asked if the pink bunny version of Link will make an appearance in ALBW.

“(Laughs) So in the original A Link To The Past, that Dark World is where Gannon is sealed away, and that’s where Link becomes the pink bunny. Here, the other world we have is actually a completely different other world, so unfortunately, pink bunny Link will not be making an appearance.”

Sounds like a purple bunny will be playing a starring role in Link’s new adventure! What do you think about Ravio’s character and his role in the game? Personally, I find giant rabbits a bit scary, but hey-if he is selling me items, he must be friendly!