Following the recent price cut in the US, Nintendo has now also officially cut around £30 off the Wii U’s retail price in the UK, with the price reduction taking effect on October 4th. Many UK retailers have been cutting as much as £100 off the recommended price, so an official price reduction is unlikely to affect already sluggish Wii U sales. However, sales may improve with new games being bundled with the hardware. Nintendo is offering two bundles: One will feature Wind Waker HD (with special edition hardware design) and the other will include LEGO City Undercover.

A Nintendo spokesperson said:

“We’ve reduced the European trade price of the Wii U Premium Pack to retailers from October 4th. At the same time we’ll be launching the Zelda bundle (32 GB) and the Lego Premium Pack (32 GB) which will also be available to the retailers at the same lower trade price as the traditional Wii U Premium packs which are currently available in the market place.”

Source: Nintendo Everything