What the WHAT is that?!

Or at least that’s the name of the article written by Flavorwire which we are referencing. Maybe we’re just super NES nerds, but we did already know most of the 25 items. Also, you should know that by “Nintendo” they mean the Nintendo Entertainment System.

They compiled this list to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of… well, they say Nintendo. But Nintendo has been around since 1889 (seriously, look it up). Perhaps they mean the Nintendo Entertainment System, since it is true that the NES debuted in North America on October 18, 1985. However the Famicom (the Japanse version)  came out three years earlier.

Anyway, some of the things we didn’t know: Nintendo almost partnered up with Atari! That’s right, rather than creating the first Nintendo console themselves, they were working on a deal with Atari, but Atari discovered that Nintendo had worked with one of their competitors on the arcade version of Donkey Kong, so Atari backed out.

Also, “Nintendo” roughly translates to “luck-heaven-hall.” Hm.

Read the rest of your fun Nintendo trivia at their site here.

Source: Flavorwire