What the WHAT is that?!

Or at least that’s the name of the article written by Flavorwire which we are referencing. Maybe we’re just super NES nerds, but we did already know most of the 25 items. Also, you should know that by “Nintendo” they mean the Nintendo Entertainment System.

They compiled this list to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of… well, they say Nintendo. But Nintendo has been around since 1889 (seriously, look it up). Perhaps they mean the Nintendo Entertainment System, since it is true that the NES debuted in North America on October 18, 1985. However the Famicom (the Japanse version)  came out three years earlier.

Anyway, some of the things we didn’t know: Nintendo almost partnered up with Atari! That’s right, rather than creating the first Nintendo console themselves, they were working on a deal with Atari, but Atari discovered that Nintendo had worked with one of their competitors on the arcade version of Donkey Kong, so Atari backed out.

Also, “Nintendo” roughly translates to “luck-heaven-hall.” Hm.

Read the rest of your fun Nintendo trivia at their site here.

Source: Flavorwire
  • Darth Goron

    I knew like 2/3 of the list… i need a life…

    • Joko tree

      You've got a life.

      • Yeah, not everyone is bound to know all that history unless they've studied it before. But we still have lives, just not this certain knowledge.

  • zeke

    The Article was full of incorrect facts.

    • theberad

      haha. I know, right? Did you see all the fanboys in the comments complaining. They're so right; for an article on something as sacred as the (original OG) NES, they could have at least done some research.

      • Callin

        I thought Wii Sports was the new bestselling game of all time?

        Yes, it came bundled with the Wii, but Super Mario Bros benefited the same way.

    • awsum

      yeah, marios name before wasn't mr. video, it was jumpman

  • You'd find better, more truth-filled articles at Wikipedia, a website where the posts can be edited. And although some facts were interesting (such as Mario being named after a great influence to the NES, Mario Segale), they just got the dates completely mixed.

    • Ashmic

      I think Wikipedia is actually an informative site, and i go through man a site to find valid information, just because people can edit stuff, doesn't mean every article is poorly done and just plain bullcrap ;]

      • ChainofTermina

        she has a point: I heard that if anything that's total bull is posted on Wikipedia, it gets fixed and corrected within like an hour.

        • I understand what she was saying, and I wasn't dissing Wikipedia. It is a very informative site, and I use it as my main spot for studies or research, just like ZU is my main site for Zelda data. I was actually stating that the "25 things you didn't know…" article was inaccurate on the dates–the ones Bastian mentioned above.

          I get where I say "the posts can be edited," but that was just an example in which people can add the history or whatever on any category and put it into Wikipedia's article library, thus making it more reliable than the Mario article here.

  • humulos

    luck-heaven-hall? Wow, that is the suckiest translation I have seen in a while. Yeah, transliterated it means that, but a more correct way of saying it would be "Leave it to Heaven"

  • Ashmic

    yeah i love how we (america) is like SO violent and SO sex-addicted, and yet most of the time everything is watered down, like that whole gun thing u mentioned.
    it makes me laugh

    • ChainofTermina

      yeah, and then Japan treats violence and sex in a much more mature level than us assuming the audience are going to act like adults and not look into it much it's just a fictional story , and when animes and things are brought over here, US is like "Oh no! thats a cartoon and it's meant for wi'le babies cause it's animated and were a bunch of dumb****s who think animation is for babies only and anything animated that has the teensiest blood or the teensiest nudity is EVIL and must be censored so the wi'le babies who watch this can grow up not knowing how the real world works and think it's all cutsy and fun loving and polite and all that other baby show stuff in the real world!

      Japan doesn't care about showing blood or nudity or violence in their animations, and I think that's a lot smarter than the way America treats animation. they think it's for babies. stupid feds.

      • koipen

        Animation age ghetto

      • Joko tree

        It's like the Kirby anime the Japanese version is great but the one I watched (England) sucks.

  • Blizz

    That "25" is celebrating Mario.

  • Scrivs

    according to wikipedia, nintendo means "leave luck to heaven"

  • QueenxLink

    Luck-heaven-hall… Interesting name… Strange.

  • bradley

    That article is all kinds of fail.

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