The above image has recently surfaced in cyberland and appears to be legit. That’s right – in addition to Japan, Europe also seems to be getting the Red Wii as well. There is still no official word on a North American release, but it’s safe to say we will hear from Nintendo of America soon.

Strangely, Europe will not be getting the Super Mario All-Stars bundled in their version (it releases there separately on December 3rd), nor the 25th anniversary edition of the original Super Mario Bros. (which comes pre-installed on the Japanese version of the Red Wii). Also in the package is the new Wii Controller Plus.

What will they receive in their bundle? Hit the jump for the details!

The only information we have to go on at this moment is what the box art for the Red Wii shows. According to the box art, it would seem Europe will receive Donkey Kong: Original Edition pre-installed on their Red Wiis and will also receive a copy of Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. As to what Donkey Kong: Original Edition is, we can only assume it will simply be a port of the original arcade version.

As for the release date, Nintendo of Europe has not been any more precise than “sometime in December” so we will have to wait and see.

Again, there is no word yet from Nintendo of America as to a release date in that region, but we will likely hear something soon. Stay tuned to ZU!

Source: GoNintendo
  • Why would they not release it in the U.S.? We love Mario just as much if not more than the people from other countries. I'm not complaining; I only wonder why they would ship it to Europe and not us as well.

    • bradley

      I think the will release it here. Europe got the black Wii before us too.

      • Yeah, that's a good point. I just like adding some diversity to the articles and seeing what others think of that–but when I do this, it's not to make them seem like guinea pigs. I merely want to see the different opinions or responses.

  • majoras mask fan

    It should have evry main mario game up to 64 included in the amarican release

  • Goro

    Curse you, Reggie!!!

    First you refuse us Mother 3 in America and no Earthbound in VC! Now, you refuse us a red Wii and Mario All-Stars for the plumber's 25!!!

    Why, Reggie, why?!?!?!

    …Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm sure they will release it eventually.

  • Merkku

    If only I didn't have one already… The red Wii looks so good!

  • Shaelyn

    I don't care if we get a Red Wii or not…so long as we get a Gold one for Zelda's anniversary!

    • CommenterPerson

      As Toon Link would say, YEAH!

      • bradley

        Or COME ON [Nintendo]

  • QueenxLink

    I'd rather get a golden Wii for Zelda's aniversery 😀 Even though red is my fav color…

  • Blizz

    This is one awesome bundle! If I didn't already have a Wii…

    Man, this is like the ultimate birthday present!

  • Christian

    If this launches should I buy this or wait for SS and see if they do some limited wii zelda console?

    • Definitely wait for Skyward Sword and a possible Triforce edition of the Wii. If they don't release the latter, then see if the Mario Wii has come to the U.S. (if you live there) and buy that and SS.

      • FFTriforceLegends

        Honestly I would want both for greedy reasons.

  • Smoore

    I’d rather see a gold 3DS for Ocarina of Time than a golden Wii. I can’t afford to buy a new Wii just for a new color. If I spend that much, it’s gotta be a brand new system.

  • Nikki

    That would be so cool if they came out with a Zelda one!!! They should and release it in america!