Not good enough for you?

The Brits weigh in on the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time over at Nintendo3DS.

What’s their verdict? They feel that the graphics are not improved enough to warrant a new release, especially not in comparison with the hacked rom “upgrades” we’ve seen in recent years via the “cel-shade” and “HD” versions. They feel this new 3DS remake version is only slightly better than the original and nowhere near as good as those hacked rom versions. They point to the models claiming that there isn’t that much improvement and that the textures haven’t been touched.

This is bizarre as it is clear the models have definitely been changed. Take a look at the added belt Link is wearing, and the gloves which are entirely different. The face alone is clearly extremely improved. And the ears have been elongated. Clearly the models have been changed.

They also suggest altering the storyline a bit, but the only suggestion they offer is opening up Gerudo Desert to Young Link so that he can interact with the Gerudo Tribe.

As the months march on I expect we will see a plethora of these sort of articles demanding this and that out of the 3DS remake without offering much in the way of solid suggestions. And this is certainly one of those.

Feel free to read their article at their site.

Source: Nintendo3DS (Thanks to Zeldafan1988 for the tip!)
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