Not good enough for you?

The Brits weigh in on the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time over at Nintendo3DS.

What’s their verdict? They feel that the graphics are not improved enough to warrant a new release, especially not in comparison with the hacked rom “upgrades” we’ve seen in recent years via the “cel-shade” and “HD” versions. They feel this new 3DS remake version is only slightly better than the original and nowhere near as good as those hacked rom versions. They point to the models claiming that there isn’t that much improvement and that the textures haven’t been touched.

This is bizarre as it is clear the models have definitely been changed. Take a look at the added belt Link is wearing, and the gloves which are entirely different. The face alone is clearly extremely improved. And the ears have been elongated. Clearly the models have been changed.

They also suggest altering the storyline a bit, but the only suggestion they offer is opening up Gerudo Desert to Young Link so that he can interact with the Gerudo Tribe.

As the months march on I expect we will see a plethora of these sort of articles demanding this and that out of the 3DS remake without offering much in the way of solid suggestions. And this is certainly one of those.

Feel free to read their article at their site.

Source: Nintendo3DS (Thanks to Zeldafan1988 for the tip!)
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  • Edracon

    a BS article if I ever saw one (the one linked to)

  • Duffy

    I don't know. The models HAVE clearly been changed. But I keep hearing that the graphics are supposed to be on par with the Wii and I gotta say, Link doesn't seem to be on par with TP Link. Still, it is an improvement from N64 Link.
    About the storyline, I think an unexpected twist would contribute to the game. You can be riding Epona through Hyrule Field when all of a sudden "WOAH! Didn't see that coming!" It would keep it exciting for those who know the original OoT like the back of their hand. But the purpose of a re-release like this is to keep it the same. I wouldn't mind even BETTER graphics and a story twist somewhere along the line. But I'm content with what they are offering.

    • Chad

      There's still plenty of time to spruce up the graphics you have to remember they aren't creating a game completely from scratch so it should be a whole lot better before it comes out.

    • Feri-san

      Wrong, the graphics and power of the 3DS has been compared to that of the GAMECUBE, not the Wii.

      • Actually Feri, Kojima compared what he was able to do with MGS3DS to MGS4 on the PS3. The only visible difference, to me, is the lack of anti-aliasing via (probably) the bloom shaders MGS4 had. Kojima also said it could have looked even BETTER if they had put more time into it. 🙂

        • Feri-san

          I guess, but you're talking about Kojima and how he made his game, but I had seen in other sources how they compared the visual capability of the 3DS more like that of the Gamecube and not the Wii like Duffy said.

          Then again, Kid Icarus: Uprising does look pretty close to it's Wii counterpart graphically, but not quite there yet.

          • Still though, he's suggesting the capability is there!

  • Shadowoflight

    Those are comments from PS3 whores that are addicted to HD and forgetting this remake is mainly focussed on 3D technology of Nintendo 3DS.

    As for emulation, I think it's totally (un)natural to have super sharp image with those models.

    • Zeldadudetp

      HD isn't a bad thing. Neither is a PS3.

      All of you Nintendo people always say that graphics don't make the game, but you always diss the PS3 because it has better graphics, when you never have even played a single game for it.

      And I don't want a game that is mainly focused on experimenting with the 3D. Remember how Phantom Hourglass was mainly focused on experimenting with the DS, and people seem to diss that game a lot ( I actually like PH. ) .

      So, you can diss them, but don't diss the PS3.

      • X x7

        We don't dis them because their graphics are better. What's there to dis? The only thing we dis about it is the people who play those games and how many of them dislike Zelda.

      • Chainoftermina

        we don't diss the PS3 because it has better graphics, we diss it because people who always diss the other consoles and say that PS3 is better only do so because they like the PS3's graphics better. and like you said, graphics don't make the game, the game makes the game.

        I don't have a PS3, but I do still like some PS3 exclusive games. we aren't really aiming our dissing at the PS3 itself, just all the Sony fanboys who go around saying that PS3 is the only console worth existing and that all the other consoles completely suck and are for babies or stuff like that. Having fans like that is not very good for the PS3's reputation. I am sure the console itself is very nice, but it's general fandom… not so much.

        and I don't mean you personally, so please don't take offense. that's not my intention.

      • Feri

        Um, learn to read.

        Who would diss better graphics? They are dissing the people who DISS the 3DS for being inferior because these people ARE TOO USED to the PS3-kind of graphics to appreciate anything that is remotely lower. That's it. "Nintendo people" (aren't you one in a way anyway?) only bite back when ps3/xbox purists attack Nintendo/wii for having less stellar graphics.

        And for the record, I like the Xbox/ps3 graphics more, but I like the Nintendo games for gameplay more. Whoop de do.

        • Zeldadudetp

          You're all right. I just misread his post. I thought he was dissing the system. I was just letting off some steam, because people tend to pick on the PS3 for whatever reason.

          Nintendo is the best, btw.

          And, CoT, sorry.

  • LuX

    I gotta say they’re idiots if they think the models have barely altered and the textures ‘not touched’? Clearly someone needs to find their glasses.

    Although in saying this I do think that there are 3DS games that look better than what we’ve seen, but we’ve seen so little.

  • X x7

    Aw those stupid Brits, they don't know. The tea has gone to their heads. (If you're British, I don't mean you, I mean them. I'm sorry if I offended you.) Story has to be the same, or everyone's gonna be like, "Wait, what one should go on the time-line?!" The dungeon structure and the field structure definitely. I don't wanna be playing the exact same game! Maybe a few new sidequests, and of course, new piece of heart locations. I don't mind the Gerudo Valley thing as a kid, but what would be the point is my question? Those are the things I want.

  • Max

    One feature that I haven't heard anyone mention yet is adding the ability to draw on the map. I think it would be a very handy addition for collecting skulltulas, poes and everything else. I also think it's a very likely addition considering the previous DS titles had this feature.

    • X x7

      well we don't know if the map is gonna be on the top screen like the other 2 DS games. On the screenshots, its in the bottom left or bottom right hand corner. I cant remember which side. I bet that the game is gonna be on the top and your selection screen is gonna be on the bottom so you select your items by tapping.

      • Chad

        It would be cool to be able to draw on the map however I wouldn't want them to make everything have to use tapping like in PH and ST It would be great for me if they just had the stylus use for the map drawing and menu.

        • Muskiok

          I wouldn't worry about that. If you remember, the top screen, which is where the gameplay takes place (according to the released screenshots anyway), is not a touch-screen, since it would conflict with the 3D. I would assume that leaves any motion control out.

          • kkk

            But their could also be a way to draw on the map by ximply clocking a button on the start menu or whatever. it would be good for remembering because i remember finding one GS and i couldnt get it with out the hookshot but i didnt have it yet, and i forgot about it for a long time.

  • BigGoronHug

    I for one would be quite happy with those models and textures presented here. Ive played the 64 version, emulator versions and the special edition for GC with MM and OOT on it and the quality of the models would be hard to compare to the image shown up top The image above looks very clean and refreshed – id happily delve bak into OOt on the ds straight port or remake with those graphics.
    In terms of game play I hope Nintendo make the game playable via the D pad rather than the stylus – I still cant get used to zelda on a hand-held operating links movement with touch screen. anyone else agree ?

    • Linksoer

      Keep in mind that the 3ds has a analog stick, so it will most likely utilize it. Way better than the D pad, dont you think/ ^_^

  • veeronic

    now I’ve looked at those texture packs, downloading one right now actually, and they are still not as good as this. not to mention.. hey they may add extra junk; the skultula dungeon for instance.

  • Chainoftermina

    I've been thinking that that screen shot looks a lot like Super Smash Bros Melee graphics, or even that short Ganon vs. Link fight video thing that Nintendo used to show off the power of the Gamecube's graphics when it first came out.

    • LizMara

      Link in the 3DS DOES look similar to the Link in the Gamecube tech demo. You might be on to something.

      What sweet irony. =)

  • X x7

    Does the 3DS feature internet along with an online browser like the DSi had?

    • Chainoftermina

      probably. everyone's doing that nowadays so I would be surprised if the 3DS didn't.

  • Matt

    I hope 3DS has Java Script. >.>

    • X x7

      thatd be nice…

  • Valdek

    hm mm, epic. i wouldn’t mind better graphics, obviously since i am a halo fan, which has great graphics, but having it look like the old OoT would be fun too. so I’m happy with what i have heard so far. and yes, i diss the PS3, not because of its good graphics, no no no, that is all well and good, i diss it because it sucks and Xbox is better. the only thing the PS3 is good for is blue ray and small size and being used as a paper weight. 🙂

    • X x7

      how can you call that small size that things over twice the size of the wii! you must have some pretty big paper…

    • LizMara

      Care to elaborate more, please?

    • lawliliCious

      halo dosnt have great graphics :p (not counting reach)

    • Black Yuri

      Graphics, graphics, graphics. This is starting to sound like a broken record. :p

      While I agree that right now the only thing my PS3 is good for is the BluRay option.. No console deserve to be dissed by anyone. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony fantards alike. But this really isn't a console discussion thread is it kids? 😉

  • Lightbringer

    Those whacky Brits… (no offense, ZU Brits)

    • James Slater

      I say, old bean! :coffee:

      • James Slater

        (Damn, I forgot no smilies)

  • LizMara

    Heh, heh, I'm almost blind and even I can tell that there is a dramatic difference between the Ocarina n64 graphics and the 3DS graphics. The graphics part of the article made me chuckle, though.

  • The graphics definitely aren't as good as they could be considering the other stuff we've seen on the 3DS, but then again, maybe this is just the particular style they wanted to go for.

    Also, I thought all the texture hacks were pretty unimpressive, and, frankly, wrecked the character of the game completely. This seems truer.

  • Don't forget that the original images were a lot smaller than the one he used in his article. The original images look much sharper and probably can give you a better idea of how much smoother the edges are on the 3DS. He stretched out the image in his article which made it look all jagged.

    Link to original pictures:

  • Thareous33

    I should say that this Link is a little more improved than the 64 version. The remake should be a bit more, well, more than the original. Altogether, it will probably be another fun game. So far as I can remember, Nintendo has not failed to regale me with any game, for the most part. And they are sure to not fail now.

  • Seen

    Are they blind or something?

    ((Also, they said it was only a tech demo in it's current state. I highly doubt they would remake one of their most legendary games with only a shiny new coat of paint. They even said it was going to be "a complete retelling, and not a simple port."))

    • lolknight

      By retelling, do you mean they are going to change the story and mix it up a little with new dungeons and twists!?

  • James

    I'm getting Ocarina Of Time 3DS, but if Nintnedo even slightly change the story I won't.

  • Valdek

    halo has always had great graphics, that is one thing the halo series is loved for is that each game had the greatest graphics for its time, and it was also loved for its epic campaign, awesome multiplayer, and because its just halo 🙂
    in fact the only halo games that wasn’t one of the top games ever was halo wars, because it was a strategy game and most people just said whatever and stuff. the other is ODST, that wasn’t liked as much of the series because gamers expected another whole master chief thing, but instead they got troopers with health like in halo one. so there, the halo series has always had some of the best graphics for each games time.

    • Majora

      I guess you do not like good gaming only good graphics ^__________^

    • The campaign isn't ever that epic, and no halo has ever been higher than #19 on the list at

      But I'll agree that Halo is better than Modern Warfare

      • Edracon

        everything is better than overhyped Modern Warfare.

  • Majora

    I think the 3ds will put a whole new aspect to the game for me, partly because I played Twilight Princess first and now these graphics remind me of the best game ever. ( Soon to be replace by SS)

  • lifesavers2

    I think that people should realize that this is a handheld system. I think the graphics are already pretty great.

    It's not gunna look like a friggin PS3 game. The xbox is better than the PS3 anyway. 🙂

    And Nintendo is the only innovative company. PS3 and Xbox just ramp up the graphics and its a new system. Nintendo makes up a new idea and heres the Wii. AMAZING! And dont say the Xbox is doing something new, becuase sega tried that about a bazillion years ago. (and it sucked)

    • lolknight

      How did Sega try to do it? (this is absolutly new to me)

  • OwlBoy

    I think opening up Gerudo Valley would be a great way of adding the story. All of the five sages you rescue you have met in the child timeline, and have developed a relationship with, (one of them ends up becoming Link's fiancee, albeit accidently), but Nabooru is only met in the final Temple, towards the end of the game. I think all of the main characters could do with their personalities and back stories expanded on (like maybe a side quest shows what happened to Ruto's mother, for example, or Darunia's son can be interacted with more), but Nabooru needs this treatment the most. Besides you can beat Gerudo Fortress before the Forest Temple, why not open up their culture some more?

    • lolknight

      Fantastic idea, dude! They could also add a few more mini dungeons, areas and collectables, and there you have a new masterpiece!

  • OwlBoy

    And all the people saying how entering Gerudo Valley as a child not really having a point… be honest.

    You at least considered or attempted going backwards through the Haunted Wasteland as a child, didn't you? 😛

  • Valdek

    i love both good gaming and good graphics if your talking to me Majora, learn to read

    • Majora

      Halo's a terrible game compared to Zelda and the only reason people like it is either because it has good graphics or you'll be supposedly "cool" if you play it.

      • lifesavers2

        Not that halo is a terrible game. Only when its compared to LOZ

        Besides, LOZ has seniority over Halo

        Also, You lost the game.

      • Edracon

        Halo is terrible in regards that its singleplayer is way too easy. There is no challenge in it which makes it not fun. Most people ended up ignoring the singleplayer and only doing the multiplayer, which is a bit better, but it wasn't the point of the game, so the game still sucks. From then on, the singleplayer was for those who wanted to know how the story continues, but the main focus of the game was the multiplayer (why, I don't know.)
        It's graphics are OK, but Zelda definitely beats it on all levels.
        (comment was to help back you up a bit. :D)

  • "Not good enough"? Those guys can go kill themselves.

  • lolp

    I would be really surprised if they added anything to the story. I really hope it isnt just updated graphics though..that would be lame

  • TheMaverickk

    Honest to god… they are complaining it doesn't look as good as the ROM hacks that allow for higher definition textures? Yet on the flip side those high res textures are still mounted to old low poly count models so it isn't all that great looking.

    It's obvious from a simply screen shot that the models in the 3DS version are much more detailed and significantly improved over it's blocky counter part. My guess is that they are also judging the game on the few simple screens which have been released. Which in reality say very little.

    Also it's really hard to judge on the texture thing from a few simple screens, as well it's more important to see the game in action considering that it's meant to be seen on the 3DS screen. The resolution on the screens aren't as high as a computer monitor or an HD TV. So I mean there's only so much detail that can be seen.

    Also from what I can tell they've chosen to keep the models closer to the original N64 character designs, as opposed to subbing in TP Link models. I'm excited to see the game in motion though. Hope it is a launch title with a few others.

  • Valdek

    Majora and lifesavers2, you can’t really compare halo to Zelda, they are two different types of games… so simplify for Majoras’ sake, one is a first person shooter, another is an RPG in third person with first person capabilities.

    Edracon, if you think that halo campaign was too east, try playing it on something else besides easy, and normal, like heroic was the way it was meant to be played, legendary might work too, then see how “easy” it is

  • kkk

    They are probably PS3 fags who all seem to have no life other then dissing nintendo for their graphics. when it isnt all about the graphics, if it was, then video games wouldnt be around today to even have good graphics because original graphics from games way back when are not good.
    and those graphics are great and much better, go fire up your old N64 graphic game and look at the difference. even his HAIR looks magnificently better.

  • Kenny

    I'm so glad they didn't go for Twilight Princess graphics, these look so much more vibrant and fit the story better
    Those people need to shut their mouths about the visuals, they are obviously improved 😛

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