Breath of the Wild has won a prestigious Game Innovation BAFTA thanks to Nintendo’s approach in reinventing the Zelda series and taking it into a fresh, truly open world environment for the first time. Nintendo received the award at a the 14th annual ceremony on April 12th, vying competitively against the best selection of titles from a mammoth year for games. Breath of the Wild also received nominations for four other awards at the BAFTAs: Artistic Achievement, Best Game, Game Design, and Music.

Link’s latest adventure has been no doubt a successful one. It has influenced innovation in other titles, not least Nintendo’s own Super Mario Odyssey in which you will find elements from Breath of the Wild in gameplay, level design, and even the simple but effective training section. Both games noticeably share an exploratory free nature, along with tight and effortless game mechanics.

Breath of the Wild has been in charge of magnetising Nintendo to awards including several at NAVGTR 2018, D.I.C.E, IGN Select Awards and Game of the Year at the Game Awards.

While it is a big achievement for Nintendo to receive this award, we might be somewhat biased in believing that the other four nominations secretly belong to Breath of the Wild also.