Nintendo announced today that the My Nintendo Gold Points reward system would be restructured, allowing for a more streamlined acquisition and use. These changes are expected to go live in March.

With this new system, five percent of every digital purchase nets you Gold Points (coins) that can be used to help pay for other digital games and DLC. It’s implied that this process will be immediate, rather than having to redeem coins for discount coupons. With the math being a bit fuzzy as Gold Points exist now, it’s hard to tell how many coins “five percent of X” will be, but basically that number will equal roughly $3 when you purchase a full-priced retail game. Rough estimates have that at about 30 coins for a $60 game.

Discounted games are specifically mentioned as not giving coins, but there is also a term of “eligible games” that makes us curious if your built-up coins only go to a pre-selected set of games, or any game that’s not under some other sale or promotion. This system of receiving five percent of your purchase in points applies in all territories where the promotion is applicable, regardless of the ultimate cash value number. Hopefully more clear messaging comes out in the next few weeks leading up to this change.

It should also be noted that the Gold Points redemption system won’t be going away, so coin hoarders wanting to buy 3DS themes and Twilight Princess Picross will still be able to after the new system goes live. Also, for the physical fans out there, the system that allows you to claim gold coins for cartridge games is still going to be in effect, granting roughly one percent of the game’s value in gold points.

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