Just like how the GameCube had to follow the high expectations set by the Nintendo 64, the new GameCube Anthology — The Ultimate Book will have to aim to live up to its predecessor, The Nintendo 64 AnthologyLuckily the writer of the Nintendo 64 Anthology, Math Manent, is also writing this new book, which is currently looking for supporters on its Kickstarter page.

According to the publisher, the GameCube Anthology — The Ultimate Book took “over a year and a half” to research. This 360 page book will examine many different aspects of the GameCube’s life, focusing on: the origins of the console, Space World, the launch, winning back gamers and the legacy left by the GameCube.

Additionally the book will examine all the hardware options that were available for the GameCube and take a closer look at some of the collectable content available for the console. All of this will be printed on “35 gsm gloss coated paper” to add the extra touch of quality.

The Kickstarter also offers various awards for pledging towards the project, with a beautiful (but pricey) Zelda incentive too!

The estimated delivery for the GameCube Anthology – The Ultimate Book is July 2018. If the Nintendo 64 Anthology is anything to go by, Math Manent’s next book is set to be a must have for all Nintendo fans.