The Nintendo 64 Anthology is a book made for a generation of nineties gamers, and those who want to know about the console’s great history. With over three hundred pages full of reviews, interviews and stories, this is the closest you can get to playing the Nintendo 64 without actually blowing into the game cartridges all over again.

Nintendo 64 was primarily known — and is well remembered for — its classic games and characters. Within the anthology, there are reviews for all 388 of the games: from Goldeneye to Ocarina of Time. This anthology, written by Matt Manent, allows the reader to celebrate the twenty year anniversary of the console by playing the Song of Time to travel back to the glory days of the Nintendo 64.

Each game is reviewed out of five stars, and includes information on the developer, publisher, genre and rating. Plus, the more iconic games (such as the Zelda games, or Super Mario games) receive full page reviews which detail why each is a well remembered classic.

There are also interviews with the people involved at the time, including Martin Hollis (Rare’s director and producer behind Goldeneye). Additionally, there’s an array of content about cancelled games, accessories, collector’s editions and every version of the console and bundle that was available.

A limited collector’s edition is also available for this anthology. It includes an additional 24 pages of international advertisements. Plus there’s a handmade slipcase to keep the anthology safe.

You can order or buy the Nintendo Anthology today for around £30 (around $31.74), or you can be quick and get the collector’s edition for £44.99 (around $47.60). Order or buy today to become as wise as Kaepora Gaebora, but without the risk of unwillingly having to find out all the same information all over again.

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