Nintendo are set to launch a selection of their star titles from the GameCube and Wii era to the Chinese market on the Nvidia Shield in 1080p.

The tablet, which has an Android operating system, will be home to other classic titles along with Twilight Princess in China, including; Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Punch Out!

It’s a shield, but not the kind that would be any use to Link

Nintendo have worked with Nvidia recently to utilise the Nvidia Tegra chip for the Switch. The pair have now teamed up with Chinese distributor iQiyi to enable this project to become a reality in what has been a hard market to crack for various reasons.

While China are a bit more relaxed with the gaming industry today in contrast to the days of the Chinese N64 counterpart, the iQue, the deal is still likely to be unique to China considering there are still some obstacles that remain in place with launching consoles and software compared to the Europe, USA or Japan for example. Nevertheless, it is great to see Nintendo find a way to bring their magic to the fans in China.

The Nvidia Shield has a primary controller that looks like it was designed using an N64 (those beautiful polygons)

The Nvidia Shield is set to launch for 1499 Yuan (Around £170/€191/$226) and while there is no word on any future titles beyond the launch, the tablet looks set to be an even more interesting prospect now with top Nintendo titles on the way.