You’ll find that Breath of the Wild is just full of surprises, often ones found long after its release. Such is the case with a nifty sword trick used by Reddit userĀ aut1sticalex, with the perfectly timed sword throw seen in the video below.

Right on time from zelda

See what he did there? User aut1sticalex says he didn’t break too many blades to elegantly nail that Yuga tribe member, he merely reloaded his save.

There have been many game-breaking tricks like this discovered since launch, and this makes one of them. If you’re still not on the Breath of the Wild boat yet, intent to repeat the aboveĀ treat, Nintendo is releasing an Explorer’s Pack, including a two-sided map and a book full of lore from the game. It launches for Black Friday and can be pre-ordered right now.

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