A new day brings a new, hilarious aspect of Breath of the Wild to the surface. This time it’s an honest-to-goodness glitch rather than some physics fun, and it offers you a view you may not have yet seen in the game.

Swiffy22 recently discovered that if Link gets knocked back into Lake Floria with the helping hand (boulder?) of a Stone Talus, he falls and gains his feet on the lake bottom. (The Bomb Rune can also be used if a miniboss isn’t handy, with the same results.) In the area where Swiffy22 discovered the glitch they aren’t able to do much. An invisible water wall appears to stop them. They’re able to produce Cryonis blocks from it, but attempting to move past the wall eventually pops Link back up into the game world proper.

Still, for its limited applications the glitch is an interesting one. There’s a strange sense of serenity to walking beneath the water and seeing the seaweed swaying, and a treasure chest sitting just beyond reach. It makes me wish Nintendo had included a diving mechanic in Breath of the Wild. 

Check out the two videos of the glitch below, and tell us of your favorite Breath of the Wild quirk or trick that you’ve found!

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