Nintendo has updated the Switch software to version 4.0, allowing for video recording mid-game, as well as a couple extra treats.

Switch owners already familiar with the screen capture button on their JoyCons will be happy to know that the feature has been updated to take full 30 second video clips. Simply hold the same capture button down for a few moments, and the Switch will automatically record your next 30 seconds of gameplay.

Afterwards, you can view these clips in the same gallery as the screenshots, and even edit them to get to the precise moment you wanted. Aside from easily sorting through screenshots and videos, you can also upload these hot takes to Facebook or Twitter right from your album. Hopefully YouTube will be added at some point, as the feature grows.

The update comes with some other features, including some new art to use for your profile icon. Fans of the site will be happy to see more Breath of the Wild icons added, as well as those for the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. You can read the full details of this update, which also has save and profile transfers, here on Nintendo’s official support site.