Oh boy, I don’t know about you but ever since I was young I wanted a real-life Mario Kart race track to show off my sweet drifting skills. Now, as an old man, I can live that dream out by simply going to Japan’s Universal Studios, as they just broke ground on a large section of the park they are dedicating to a Nintendo-themed wonderland. Universal Studios Japan also made a short video showing off what to expect.

While Mario is the only announced universe to explore, the options to expand and change attractions are infinite due to all the awesome IP Nintendo owns. Imagine a Zelda Lost Woods maze, a Metroid roller coaster like Space Mountain, or an Animal Crossing section where crippling debt and servitude are forced on you!

Okay, barring that last one, all those sound like a great time. If you live in or plan on going to Japan you would be doing yourself a disservice for not checking it out. The festivities are set to kick off in 2020, at the same time as the Japanese Olympics. Good luck trying to get a hotel on opening night!

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