Take-Two Interactive owns two of the most successful gaming labels in the industry: Rockstar and 2K. So it’s no small thing when Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick expresses interest in a new gaming platform. Recently, he shared some interesting insight regarding Take-Two’s thoughts on the Switch. In this public appearance Strauss was very positive about Nintendo’s latest console, and even discussed the idea of supporting it.

When he discussed the highly successful launch of the Switch, Zelnick simply stated, “we believe in it”. He commented that “It remains to be seen how it does” but that they are “excited about it”. Nintendo certainly has high hopes for the Switch, and it seems Zelnick is hoping for success too.

Zelnick has not yet confirmed any support and seemed hesitant to confirm that Take-Two will be supporting the console. The CEO explained that “assuming there is an installed base, we’ll be there”. It appears that Zelnick wants to wait to see if the Switch can continue with it’s current momentum. It’s a shame that Take-Two Studios haven’t already seen enough potential with the Switch. No doubt support from Rockstar and 2K would strengthen those sales figures even more.

However Zelnick did explain that they would not be supporting with all of Take-Two’s titles, but rather “selectively.” Both of Take-Two Interactive’s labels (in particular Rockstar) have a very limited history with Nintendo. Certainly it would be fantastic to see game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption on a Nintendo console, but Zelnick’s recent comments far from confirm that this will be happening.

It’s great to hear that other successful game developers are excited about the Switch. Both Square-Enix and Ubisoft have recently shown interest in supporting the Nintendo console with some of their biggest titles. Zelnick is obviously impressed with the success of the system so far, and hopefully that carries on. If sales figures continue to be strong then this could be the Nintendo console which Take-Two Interactive makes the decision to support.

Do you think it’s likely to happen? Which games would you love to see on the Switch? Share your ideas!