Soon Link may not be the only hero on the Nintendo Switch that climbs towers. Recent news has revealed that Ubisoft has sent emails out to a select number of gamers inviting them to discuss their views on the possibility of developing for the Nintendo Switch.

It’s clear Ubisoft is taking this survey seriously. In return they’re asking for a large commitment from each survey taker, and a certain level of engagement. Ubisoft must have been contemplating this move for a long time. It’s great to see that they’re so engaged with how their customers would react to future involvement with the Switch.

Ubisoft is one of the biggest games developers around. From Tom Clancy to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, each Ubisoft release receives enormous excitement and usually achieves great acclaim. It’s understandable why this news has received so much positive reception. The notion of big third-party support on the Switch was recently discussed by Reggie Fils-Aime, and was a point of focus during the Switch presentation back in January.

The Nintendo Switch has already had some third-party games announced. Adding Ubisoft games to this library would go a long way towards helping the Switch compete with Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. Additionally it could start a trend for other big games developers to follow suit. Signs are looking positive for the Nintendo Switch receiving the third-party support that so many want.

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  • taienquinn

    I just want them to treat switch owners with the same level of commitment they have to their users on other hardware. The games don’t need to be ports, but they do need to be attractive to buyers. Delayed ports just don’t cut it and one failed experiment doesn’t mean you pack up and ship over to other hardware… I personally would like to see Prince of Persia ressurrected on Switch. Let x1and ps4 have Assassin’s Creed and give us something unique and worth playing.

  • Issus

    Do we really need all those microtransaction on the Switch?