“Aussie Aussie Aussie, where’s our NES?”

It has been reported that last week’s restock of the NES Classic in Australia could be the country’s last. The new NES was incredibly in demand when first released, and is still being chased down by many who missed out on the initial sales. Yet it seems that many stores in Australia — including big gaming retailers such as EB Games — have been notified that they will not receive anymore stock for the console. It’s unclear whether this is just for the foreseeable future or for good, but it’s worrying either way.

Global demand for the NES Classic has been high; as of yet there has been no comment from Nintendo regarding availability in Australia or elsewhere. Customers still searching for the NES Classic will hope that the console has not been discontinued, but these rumors from Australia are far from positive.

This comes just after huge sales figures for the Switch, with the console selling out nearly everywhere. It’s a worrying track record for the company, especially considering the continued limited availability of many Amiibo. Scalpers are already taking advantage of the shortages for these items, so hopefully Nintendo can do something about this soon. For now, if you want an NES Classic it’s recommended you find one as quick as possible — especially if you live in Australia.

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