The NES Classic Edition is impossible to pre-order. The few retailers who have put up pre-orders so far have seen their allocations get claimed in hours or even minutes. It’s another “Amiibogeddon,” and Nintendo fans are rightfully frustrated and impatient to see Nintendo products once more in short supply.

One hopeful buyer took to Twitter to ask GameStop if they would be opening pre-orders for the miniaturized console. GameStop unfortunately confirmed there would be no pre-orders. However, they assured their customers the console would be available on launch day, November 11, in stores.

Each day brings us closer to the NES Classic Edition’s release, and with less than three weeks to go it appears anyone who hasn’t been able to pre-order will need to try their luck on launch day, regardless of the retailer. It’s almost fitting that a retro console’s re-release would require a retro means of obtaining it. Fans who are unable to find one shouldn’t worry, however, as the holiday shopping season will no doubt see an upswing in production of the console if there’s plentiful demand.

Have you been able to pre-order the NES Classic Edition? Do you plan on visiting your local retailer on launch day, or are you waiting until the holidays? Feel free to share your experiences with this and other Nintendo launches!