The release of a new console for Nintendo has led to an almost constant stream of news being released. It has already been announced that Nintendo have “big plans” for this year’s E3, but it seems the company can’t wait until then to announce this upcoming news.

This Nintendo Direct is expected to focus on Splatoon 2 and ARMS. Although there will also be more news released for the Switch and 3DS. Many feared that the release of the Switch, with its great portability, could lead to the downfall of the 3DS. Hopefully there will be some big announcements relating to the handheld console.

With the recent leak about the new upcoming amiibo, potentially Nintendo could announce more details on Wednesday. Perhaps Nintendo could also break some news based on Breath of the Wild, especially considering the huge success of the game. DLC is coming this year, so maybe Nintendo won’t feel the need to wait until E3 to release more details.

Nintendo has been on a roll recently; surely this Nintendo Direct will continue to bring success and anticipation to the company. Be sure to monitor Zelda Universe on Wednesday to read more about any big announcements.